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BATI School

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On April 14th, BATI School was fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of this year's SFBTA charity poker tournament. We are thrilled to report that the event was a huge success! With the funds raised from the tournament, and those given by many other generous donors, we have reached the minimum threshold needed to break ground on construction of our new classroom building. We have begun actively laying out plans for the building, and contractors have been out to the campus to begin taking the first steps. If all goes according to plan we should have two new classroom spaces available to welcome two new classes of students in the fall! This will bring our school enrollment to ~136 scholars and counting. Thank you so much to the SFBTA and all of our other supporters for helping us get this far. Your continued support makes a huge difference in the lives of our current students and those students we hope to welcome to the BATI family in the future.

BATI School students and teachers from the ground have a few words for you:

Here are progress pictures from campus:

Since its founding in 2010, BATI School has relied in large part on the generosity and giving spirit of our supporters. We are now proud to provide access to free, localized education to 106 young scholars - but we want that number to grow! In order to be able to open our door to more students we need to build a new classroom building, which is a serious financial undertaking for a small non-profit school. 

If you are interested in learning more about BATI School and the work we are doing, please visit our website at


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